Staten and Sam Jewelry started recently, although it feels as though it has been in the works since I can remember. Always the first person to add more accessories to any outfit, I started helping friends add the elusive "didn't even try" persona to all of their looks. My inspiration peaked when my best friend went from "wedding band only" jewelry to "queen of accessories" once she got comfortable adding pieces to her everyday attire. I started designing pieces with the intention for them to be layered, taken from day to night, and worn in as many ways as your mind could imagine.

That's when Staten & Sam came to life. Each piece of jewelry we create is hand crafted at our design studio in Boca Raton, Florida, then approved by ME before any gem, charm, or chain is finalized. Whether it is the perfect flash to a specific stone, or the significant meaning behind an old coin, this detail did not occur by happenstance.

Our artisan pieces fuse semi precious and precious stones with mixed metals to create a vibe that exudes the allure of a vintage collection while also possessing a modern flair. We honor each gemstone and thrive on telling its individual story.

The time we take to find rare stones is apparent in each and every piece created in our studio. Spending hours upon hours curating distinctive stones guarantees that our unique look and superior quality doesn't just happen "SOMETIMES"; but EVERY TIME. From provinces in Africa to mountains in Colorado, we scour every corner of the Earth to find that perfect stone.